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Shadow on the Wall



Wellness Coach & Licensed Professional Counselor

Black Wellness Coach
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With a background in mental health as well as education, I have a unique combination of experience and skill to meet my clients where they are, help them get clear on what they want and devise a plan to transform their current situations into joy. 

I named my coaching business Oluwajimi, a yoruba word meaning "God gave it to me" as a reminder to myself and my clients that God gave us this one life and we have the power to create the reality in which we live. We can choose or, when the life becomes overwhelming, our bodies will choose for us a different way. 

After several years of a toxic work environment, the death of my sister, grandmother and mother in a 4 year span of time, my body was overloaded by stress and I began to have difficulty swallowing. The difficulty turned in to inability to swallow and for more than a year I went through a series of medical procedures and none were successful in fixing the problem. I was finally diagnosed with the disorder Achalasia. It quickly progressed to the point that I could not take in anything except cranberry juice and Ensure. There were days when I would walk down the hallways at work feeling as if I would collapse because I was so weak. I was desperate for help. I tried acupuncture and even checked myself into a holistic wellness program for eleven days. All of it was too little, too late. I had internalized all of the grief and trauma and it had taken its toll.

Shadow on the Wall

After surgery and 50 pounds later, I spent time recuperating and reflecting on the experience and learned some very important lessons. Far too many of us, especially black women and men, are surviving our lives instead of living them. I decided to take more time for myself,  adjusted my goals and developed a new list of ambitions. After losing the people who knew me best, my family, I recognized that I am really all I have and that it is my responsibility to take care of my physical, mental and spiritual well being.  I started taking chances and making changes. I started my own counseling private practice- a month before the pandemic and now I have exactly what I envisioned- a 100% online counseling and coaching business-Oluwajimi!!

Eventually, other things in my life fell into place and I am moving in the direction of some long desired goals. Over the past year I lived and worked in Panama for a season and met some amazing people. That experience has given me the insight and confidence to dream bigger and make those dreams come true. Sometimes it is scary,  but I know God is leading me and I have to trust the process. I now have time to pursue my interests while helping others do the same. If you are burned out, overworked and overwhelmed by your life, let me help you on your path to rediscovery so you can experience true rest and restoration. ​




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