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Rest & Restore Services

I work with clients privately 1 on 1 providing the level of support you need to get you back on track quickly. With that being understood, I take on a small number of clients at a time so that I can provide customized, personalized support.  

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ORR Align and Adjust Coaching

10 sessions of 60 minutes

From a Holistic Wellness perspective, I provide comprehensive support to help identify problem areas and give you to tools to reclaim your health and develop the strategies you need to overcome your challenges. We will work to achieve better health and balance in all aspects of life. 

We will focus on:

Investment: $1800


Get in touch to learn more and take a big step in your health and wellbeing.

Enhanced personal awareness through mindfulness practices Your thoughts create your reality

Defining personal values and the impact these values have on your life Are you living congruent to what you value ​

Clarifying the vision for your life (Is where you are where you want to be)

Identifying and removing obstacles to your wellness (Sleep, diet, exercise, work habits, relationships)


Life Transition Coaching

4 sessions of 60 minutes per month

Life changes can sometimes feel all consuming and our self care is neglected and feels selfish. But it is in these seasons when you must remember to put your mask on before helping those around you. Sacrificing yourself benefits no one. 

With guidance and encouragement you will explore the opportunities for internal growth and change as you develop the mindset necessary to face your change with courage and grace.


$750 paid monthly or $200 per session


Get in touch to learn more and take a big step in your health and wellbeing.

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Restore Concierge Coaching

If your life is unpredictable (small business owner, single parent, creative) and issues arise on their own schedule- this approach to coaching is the solution. Allows for same day appointments and email/text support. Go beyond conversations with spouse, family and friends. I will serve as your sounding board as you work through pressing issues with unbiased support.

Investment: Custom pricing available

Together we will design a package that works for you and is responsive to your needs. 

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The Rest and Restore Retreats

I know that life can seem like a repetitive cycle of waking up, eating, working and sleeping. And that the daily grind can fill our minds and bodies with negative energy and stress. That’s why I created Rest and Restore Wellness, so our community has a space for self-exploration, self-discovery, and sharing a journey with other like-minded individuals in a beautiful and serene atmosphere. I learned along my journey that people want (and need) the time and space to push pause on their daily routine. 

Physical and mental wellbeing are of utmost importance to living a healthy life, and require practice and dedication. Our Holistic Restoration Retreats provides the setting and guidance you need to strengthen your body, mind and soul.

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